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Schools Remove Wi-Fi

1. Ontario School removes Wifi over safety concerns

2. Schools in US and Canada removing Wi-Fi

SSITA is compiling a list of schools that either do not have Wi-Fi or will not be installing it, preferring to keep to a wired system and to use i-pads that can be used with a wired system.

In the meantime, we refer you to the data on the Powerwatch website. When choosing a school for your child, please check with the school first as to whether or not they are using Wi-Fi or intend to install it. When considering a school with a “half-way” solution, please make full enquiries as to the length of exposure time your child will be subjected to.

By parental request, we shall be issuing advice to parents as soon as possible as to what questions to ask, what to look for, and for guidance on how to reduce your child’s exposure. We shall also be looking at parental rights in this matter.

We have copied this section from the Powerwatch website for your convenience. You will also see in this section a link to the highly regarded Wi-Fi in Schools website. Wi-fi in Schools is also a prominent and authoritiative member of SSITA.

Schools without Wi-fi

On request, we have started collecting a list of submitted schools that are confirmed to have (or not have) Wi-Fi installed. Due to obvious restrictions there is only a very small proportion of schools represented, but in case it may be helpful you may want to look through our current list.

If you would like, you can sign the government petition with regards to removing Wi-Fi from schools.

Last, in 2008 a new website appeared providing a rational and well supported scientific argument for the validity in precaution of the use of Wi-Fi in primary and secondary schools. This is also well worth spending some time looking around if you are concerned about the use of wireless technologies in a local school.

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