British Doctors Initiative

Open letter by British medical doctors:  Health and safety of Wi-Fi and mobile phones Criteria for signing the above letter: New signatories should be fully medically qualified, not struck off the medical register and have practiced in the NHS at some point but not necessarily currently. If you would like your signature added please use the contact form

Below you will find the presentation of Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe, one of the signatories of the above letter, given at the British Society of Ecological Medicine Conference in March 2014:

Director of Health, Overachievers Consulting
Trustee Radiation Research Trust
Medical Advisor ES-UK
Board Member CPTF
Please note: The above presentation is one of several from a full day of presentations. A DVD of the full day’s programme can be purchased from the British Society of Ecological Medicine (BSEM).

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