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1. Reviews on Environmental Health
2. Wi-Fi – Continuing Concerns
3.  Wi-Fi in the Classroom – Health Advice to Schools
We have put this diagram together with two of Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy’s  papers so that the reader can cross-reference between them and  Dr. Richard Gautier’s diagram. We suggest printing all three. Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy is a Lecturer in Biology (retired). Imperial College London.

4.  The Biological Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields
5.  The Dangers of Electromagnetic Smog
6.  Diagrams of Mechanisms Linked to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Exposure
7.  Wi-Fi in Schools
Two new recent and important studies have found that electromagnetic fields from Wi-Fi transmitters can alter electrical brain activity and decrease a measure of attention in young adults when performing a memory task. These are the first reports to look at the effects of Wi-Fi on brain function.  The attractiveness of Wi-Fi as a learning tool in schools is significantly decreased if it could be damaging the cognitive abilities and brain development of pupils.  The studies used a Wi-Fi access point (1.5m away), giving a field strength of 0.49V/m. This is well within the exposures experienced by someone using a Wi-Fi enabled laptop.
More information
.  Is Wi-Fi Health Hazard for Students?
.  Wi-Fi in Schools – Dr Andrew Goldsworthy
Andrew Goldsworthy BSc PhD is a retired lecturer from Imperial College London. He spent most of his career there, where he taught and researched a variety of topics ranging from plant and animal physiology and biochemistry to the ways in which living organisms use weak electric currents to control their growth and metabolism. These currents are due to specific ions flowing through cell membranes in a highly controlled way. Much of his work was on calcium ions, which are important in the control of metabolism and in maintaining the stability of cell membranes.  His studies involved making measurements of the weak natural currents flowing into and out of living cells, looking at the ways in which artificial electric currents and electromagnetic fields affected them and also their consequences for normal growth and development. Following his retirement in 2004, he took a special interest in the effects of the radiation from mobile telecommunications on both animals and plants. The effects observed on plants preclude any possibility that they are of psychosomatic origin.
11.  How smart meters may cause Autism and Cancer – Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy July 2011.
12.  WHO recognizes electromagnetic dangers: let us declare human health rights
13.  Microwave News – A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation
14.  Is Wi-Fi Safe for Children
– Beware of Health Risks
Are mobiles and Wi-Fi a health hazard?
16.  WiFi radiation in schools-Teachers,employers
17.  Will it soon be too late? Cancer expected to increase by 70% This paper was written by Prof. Olle Johansson upon the release of the World Cancer Report 2014

Team around the Child ( TAC interconnections) is one of SSITA’s affiliated organisations and which does so much to help children who are already challenged with disability and/or special needs. Please read this letter by their Editor, Peter Limbrick.

18.  NCB & England’s children’s organisations – editor’s open letter to you about protecting children from microwave radiation ( – and the piano story)

19. “More from Team around the Child.  In connection with SSITA’s mission, please read the first and last articles on this page below”
Team Around The Child

20.  EMR Protocol for people with Autism or Adhd:

Team around the Child (one of our member organisations) wishes to inform people of a new protocol initiative: We recommend that people read An Electronic Silent Spring by Katie Singer- and since Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy has contributed sections to this book, we would also draw your attention to various articles by Dr. Goldsworthy on our list on this page e.g. Item 10:



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