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Our Cookies Policy:

This website uses Cookies, or Cookies are stored on it, in the following ways:

  1. Web tracker analysis. We use a web tracker to assess where traffic is coming from and which web pages are of most interest to our users at any given time. This information is only stored for the length of time necessary for this analysis in our on-going work.
  2. Cookies are installed and stored on this site by third party domains and your attention is drawn to this.
  3. If you wish to proceed with using our website you may use the Cookies Banner and Button across the top of the Home page.

Our Privacy Policy in general:

The SSITA Closed Forum

The SSITA alliance is a closed forum and has a well-established protocol for data protection. Members are required to accept the rules of our Privacy Policy before being accepted into the forum. SSITA retains information about its forum members but this is provided by the members themselves in the form of a self-introduction upon joining and therefore each member knows what data is held on them. They are free to edit it at any time. Members of the forum are free to unsubscribe from the SSITA forum at any time and know whom to contact regarding this.

We understand that forum members trust us with their personal information and we are committed to ensuring the security and privacy of that personal information. We mainly communicate with each other by email and by telephone but members are free to opt out of telephone contact if they wish.

For the General Public using the Contact Us box:

Any information given via the Contact Us box is seen by one person only and is only passed on with the consent of the person contacting us for the precise purpose of assisting that person in their enquiry or request for help.

In this case, when dealing with members of the public rather than with forum members, we again seek to attain the same high standards of data protection as within the Closed Forum.

SSITA will not rent, swap or sell any personal information to other organisations – our aim being solely to assist and support the enquirer in any way that seems appropriate for his or her situation and always with his or her full consent.